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Charles Munka (b 1981, France) now lives and works on Sado Island. Munka channels the effervescent touch of a cluster of European-American traditions related to expressionism and abstraction but also uniquely opens a dialogue with Asian metropolitan cultures. He absorbs his surroundings, seeing them as ever-shifting spaces encoded with place, time, and history. Munka's prolific and passionate work begs intrigue as he delves into legend and myth with accomplished skill, his knowing gestural brushstrokes, his harmonious use of composition, and his subtle manipulation of color. 


2020 - “Riken / Adrift”, Haguro Shrine, Sado Island, Japan

2019 - "Akitsu Paintings", Space Union, Seoul, Korea

2018 - “Sanctuary”, Atsuta Shrine, Sado Island, Japan

2017 - “Lingua Franca”, Institut Francais du Japon, Tokyo, Japan
2016 - “Hawala”, Galerie Clemens Gunzer, Zurich, Switzerland
2015 - “Alternate Takes (II)”, Above Second gallery, Hong Kong, HKSAR

2014 - “Scavi”, Galerie Clemens Gunzer, Zurich, Switzerland
2013 - “Alternate Takes”, McLemoi gallery, Sydney, Australia
2010 - “Double Knock Out”, HVW8 gallery, Los Angeles, USA


2020 - "Hyper Salon", Uart Space, Seoul, Korea

2017 - “Works from the Bech Risvig Collection”, Huset for Kunst Og Design, Holstebro, Denmark
2017 - “France / Japan Synergy”, Bunkamura gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2015 - “Change Seed”, Center On Contemporary Art, Seattle WA, USA

2014 - “Para/Site Annual”, Para/Site institution, Hong Kong, HKSAR
2014 - “Penguins and Polar Bears”, Galerie Clemens Gunzer, Kitzbuhel, Austria
2013 - “Surface Tension”, Cat Street gallery, Hong Kong, HKSAR
2012 - “New Exchange”, HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2011 - “New Wave”, Opera Gallery, Singapore
2011 - “We Was Them Kids”, HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2009 - “Charles Munka / Mtendere Mandowa”, Bum The Space gallery, Kanazawa, Japan


Seoul Museum of Art - "No Direction Home" in collaboration with Jin Meyerson.

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